Dutch insights on transmedia

A storytelling evolution.
Transmedia will take you on immersive journeys in worlds that are told across multiple channels. 10 Dutch practitioners share their insights on writing this new language. They will give you handholds in producing transmedia stories and how to engage audiences to it.
This film is made for you by Vera Holland and Ted Alkemade. Both graduation students at Hogeschool Inholland.

De scriptie is via deze link te downloaden

Het productiemodel is via deze link te downloaden

Marielle Aarts – The Janeway
Bruno Felix – Submarine
Syb Groeneveld – Dutch Mediafund
Joris Hoebe – Spektor Storytelling
Didi Koller – Woedend!
Jain van Nigtevegt – Flavour Games
Sander Oskamp – Elastique
Rob Prass – Creative Campfire
Bart Robben – Elastique
Joeri Rodenburg – Woedend!

Bob Alkemade
Marc Slings
Selwyn de Bruijn
Roland Pupupin

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